Meet Claudia Terrade, CEO of Quimbaya Latin America,

Claudia, you chose your home in Panama City for your lockdown. You told us that you had found a refuge there, a security but also a “favorite” where life is good, but also to meet endearing populations. Tell us about your Panama! (Hug Magazine)

Apart from the clichés, PANAMA is a small country by its size but BIG by the contributions it has made to the American continent and to the whole world.

Its millennial history has changed the face of the world and not just a little.

The Americas would not be united today if the Panamanian land had not trembled millions of years ago.

The Isthmus of Panama was born and with it climatic changes which had repercussions on other continents and gave place to extraordinary exchanges between living beings which were not called to meet.

Panama’s unique biodiversity and multiculturalism were born!

Recent Panamanian history is also to be highlighted. And yes, so much the better if the Panamanians have not lived through some dark pages in the history of their current neighbor and so much the better if Panama has built its canal with the help of the Americans.

We can be for or against but we cannot deny that the PANAMA CANAL plays a very important role in the life of the Panamanian nation and of all Panamanians. Source of income and above all, great pride, this channel is a tool that many countries would like to have.

Many things still have to evolve, but Panama is a country where life is good and very pleasant to visit: its unique and luxuriant biodiversity is made up of thousands of rare plant and animal species, but above all, accessible even in full city in an ecosystem that has withstood all the aggressions of modern life.

In Panama City, the architects had fun and built skyscrapers and buildings very close to the wild life. Good or bad, that is the history of the country and today, modern life coexists with this luxuriant nature and also with the superb colonial district called CASCO VIEJO where buildings from the colonial era have been superbly restored for several years .

A real citadel where it is good to walk and a privileged place where you can see the most beautiful view of the modern city and its imposing buildings, of the superb bay of Panama City and its “Cinta Costera” as well as most beautiful colonial buildings restored.

Like biodiversity, the different Panamanian populations live in good harmony and even if it still takes a lot for society to be more balanced, some are already saying that Panama will be the richest country in Latin America in 2021.

In the current crisis, PANAMA has put in place very strict measures which are producing good results. The country teaches its citizens and businesses to practice mandatory health standards.

QUIMBAYA LATIN AMERICA has set the course in Panama and we will wait as long as it takes! We will continue to support the EMBERA community to strengthen its culture and traditions; we will continue to work against plastic and for the respect of nature and the cleanliness in public spaces.

We will reinforce the key points of change that we have set for ourselves in the past few years. This will also be reflected in our travel offers.

Our GUARANTEED DEPARTURES for 2021 are now ready and available in small groups for each of our 11 LATIN AMERICAN DESTINATIONS for all Travel Agents!

Claudia Terrade.

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Panama City 05/16/2020

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