Nestled in the lake district of northern Chilean Patagonia – a natural paradise home to the Mapuches – is Chiloé, an unspoiled island dotted with wooden churches from the 16th and 17th centuries, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In Castro, the island’s capital, you’ll fi nd the traditional palafi tos, brightly colored houses on stilts, characteristic of these seafaring locals. They make it easy to dock the boat on one side, and head to the mainland from the other!

Settled on top of a hill overlooking the sea and neighboring islands, the Tierra Chiloé Hotel and Spa is a stunning retreat. Charming and intimate, it’s the perfect setting to completely disconnect and relax, with an all-inclusive luxury experience to boot. Guests won’t be starved for adventurous activities – water sports, walking, mountain biking, or horse riding – to see the beauty of the island and learn about its traditions. Highly eco-conscious, the hotel has a sustainable design to responsibly use its natural resources. Crafts by local artisans and works by Chilean artists add a personal touch to its design.

A truly unique spot for an unforgettable experience.

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