Quimbaya Latin America and its Ecuador office awarded QUITO TOURISME “Q” sustainability certification

After 5 years of working hand in hand with QUITO TOURISME, we have just received the “Q” SUSTAINABLE TOURISM certification on 8 December! This is a huge achievement for all of us. But above all, it’s a great challenge that we’ve taken up thanks to our teamwork and our convictions about our role in the future of tourism on our continent in terms of environmental, social and inclusive tourism.

Sustainable Tourism: Quimbaya Relaunches its Major Projects

TourMaG : How is Quimbaya doing?

Claudia Terrade: The global covid-19 pandemic that hit us forced us to reorganise and reinvent ourselves. Although this unprecedented crisis has left its mark, it has also taught us things that we need to capitalise on.

We are the Unconditional Ally of Tourism Professionals

What is the positioning of Quimbaya Latin America, the leading DMC in Latin America?

Claudia Terrade: We were pioneers, and I am very proud to say that we are still an inspiration to many companies. This year we celebrate our 35th anniversary, and we continue to be the leader on our continent!

An Expert Production from Mexico

Mexico, undoubtedly with Ouimbaya Latin America for its expertise in 11 Latin American countries, including 17 local offices and the largest network of partners, a challenge of 33 years of experience, with itineraries responsible and sustainable, and a sales team in France under the leadership of Claudia Terrade.

Launch of the Quimbaya Virtual Tours, a New World as Magical as Ever!

Since we have not been able to receive you at our place for a year, we have decided to invite us to your place! What are Quimbaya Latin America Virtual Tours?
Our Virtual Tours are interactive, live virtual tours, performed by our local guides on-site, our new way to take you to explore Latin America.