At the tip of Bolivia, south of the famous Salar de Uyuni and, neighboring Argentina and the Chilean Atacama Desert, is a unique region with dreamlike landscapes that will inspire your drive for adventure: South Lipez. Perched more than 4,200 meters high, this volcanic terrain called Altiplano, only be reached by 4×4, offers vast, panoramic views. The ochre hues of the Andean peaks blanket a chain of colorful lagoons, each with fitting names (Laguna Blanca, Laguna Verde…) that spread out over the reserve. The fauna and flora are adapted to the habitat, making the park their own serene refuge.

Native species found in this preserved region include colonies of James’s flamingos and herds of llamas. You won’t want to miss spectacular display of the Sol de la Mañana geysers, or the hot water springs of the Laguna Polques, where you can bask in the sun before hitting the road again. An unforgettable way to discover Bolivia’s hidden gems.

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