Sustainable Tourism in Colombia



The Bambi Foundation became a model of cooperation on the national territory between the private sector, local authorities, the State and the international community in supporting families and children in a vulnerable situation in Colombia.

A word from Herminia Castillo, Country Manager QUIMBAYA TOURS COLOMBIA:

When our passengers arrive in Colombia, they receive the bracelets made by the mothers who benefit from the PROMEFA program. They are happy to learn that they are thus participating to the improvement of the children disfavored living conditions and we are happy to contribute this way to the notoriety of the Bambi Foundation.

The Bambi Foundation’s Homes take in children from 0 to 5 years of age for stays ranging from 6 to 18 months. At the same time, the Foundation is working with families through the PROMEFA program.

This program allows parents to improve the family’s living conditions by learning a profession, finding a job, and for some, creating their own production unit.

Since 2016, QUIMBAYA TOURS COLOMBIA has been supporting the Bambi Foundation in 4 regions of the country.

This program enables nearly 400 families per year to improve their living conditions. To support the Bambi Foundation and the PROMEFA program, we buy the handicrafts made by mothers and offer them to our passengers.

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