Sustainable Tourism in Chile



Chile, privileged for its landscapes and unhabitual geography, possesses a large number of national parks and reserves which are a part of the UNESCO program “Man and their biosphere,” whose objective is to preserve its natural and cultural heritage.

As we all know, it’s through reforestation that we can prevent fires in our forests and that is why the Fundación Reforestemos has been created.

The initiative took shape in 2012 following a gigantic criminal fire that had ravaged more than twelve thousand hectares in the natural park of Torres del Paine.

The foundation has been seeking ways to give back value to all the ecosystems of the Chilean territory, as much through technical changes used for the maintenance of the forests, as cultural changes in terms of the behavior of citizens who live around the forests, but also the visitors. Chile has dozens of natural sanctuaries that must be protected. Today more than 520,000 trees have been replanted in the 8 selected sites.

Aware of the enormous responsibility which falls upon us in each of the destinations regarding the protection of our ecosystem, QUIMBAYA TOURS CHILE has made the decision to support the Fundación Reforestemos.

We participate actively in the project by buying the plantation of a tree online. For each sponsored planting of a tree, the association sends us the Reforestation Certificate, which will be sent to the passenger who has contributed to the project upon their arrival in Chile, through the geolocalization of the tree.


It’s through the small actions we do which seem unimportant that we can take part in protecting the environment. We want to show the short-term po- sitive impact of the reforestation of ecosystems, and in so doing we have invested in the future of our country, and more globally in that of the continent since all of our heritage is dependent upon it.

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