Sustainable Tourism in Bolivia



Since 2018, QUIMBAYA TOURS BOLIVIA has participated in a project of identifying and improving touristic zones with J.I.C.A. (Japan International Cooperation Agency), whose objective is to prevent negative environmental impacts in highly touristic zones.

In January 2019, we carried out our first mission in Lloco Lloco, one of the most visited viewpoints on the road leading to Tiwanaku and Desaguadero. We went to meet the local authorities to monitor this zone and thus prevent travelers, when they arrive to discover and photograph the Andes, from experiencing the unpleasant surprise of finding the litter left behind by previous visitors in this magnificent place.

We proceed in this way collecting plastic bottles with the travelers who come to this viewpoint before participating in the traditional ceremonies of giving thanks to the mountains of la Cordillères.

Appearing in this photo: our guides and the supervisor of the population of Tambillo.

Since our visit, the viewpoint has been cleaner, and the authorities have continued their work.

In June of this year, J.I.C.A. invited us to participate in an expedition in South Lipez to identify the zones that have been

the most affected by pollution in this heavily touristic region.

We proceed on this route with the motto of the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle).

At the border between Chili and Bolivia, at the locality of Hito Cajon, we collected numerous plastic objects such as bottles, tableware, and plates left behind by certain tour operators who use this spot to change transportation and rest, but who also leave their trash here.

One week later, Mariko Watanabe, the representative of J.I.C.A. in Bolivia gave an awareness conference to our guides in the offices of QUIMBAYA TOURS BOLIVIA, entitled “The Essentials of Sanitation and Solid Waste in Touristic Development.”

This conference was then given at the Catholic University of La Paz to students in tourism still with the aim of training and raising awareness about the environment.

A word from Wendy Romay, Country Manager

As a company, we have a commitment and that is why QUIMBAYA TOURS BOLIVIA gives great importance to selecting suppliers in this zone, by demanding that no material of single usage be used during our services.

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