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7/Oct/2021 Hug Magazine

An Expert Production From Mexico

Mexico, undoubtedly with Ouimbaya Latin America for its expertise in 11 Latin American countries, including 17 local offices and the largest network of partners, a challenge of 33 years of experience, with itineraries responsible and sustainable, and a sales team in France under the leadership of Claudia Terrade. From the re-socialization of street children in Mexico City to the protection of the Brazilian forests, you will cross Latin America and its regions through actions in which each QUIMBAYA LATIN AMERICA office is associated. Supplier of the productions of the main tour operators, Quimbaya Latin America imposes itself on the “a la carte”, because Latin America cannot be improvised.


Quimbaya Latin America launches the first Multilingual Live Virtual and Interactive Tours platform in Latin America

Visit from home, live, via live streaming, the most beautiful destinations in Latin America, from Mexico to Chile, more than 30 iconic sites are now on offer.

The Platform Quimbaya Virtual presents each of the available Live virtual tours with their description and the certified guide who will make the tour. It is possible to choose a place to visit and book online the times that will be suitable to the virtual traveler in its own geographic region. And one hour before the tour, a direct zoom link is sent by email to enjoy the tour…


Give yourself 60 minutes escape from the comfort of your couch!

Visit Latin America: Can you introduce us to Quimbaya Latin America?
Laura Ortiz, Global Sales Director of Quimbaya Tours

QUIMBAYA LATIN AMERICA is a Destination Management Company with its own receptive agencies in 11 countries in Latin America since 34 years. We work exclusively in B2B and serve tourism professionals from more than a hundred countries. So, we are able to organize trips in 6 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Chinese. Our tours include a wide range of services in each country for travellers wishing to discover our continent in the best conditions and respecting nature, the environment and following the mandatory health standards…

05/05/2021 (Chicago)

Quimbaya Latin America Taps youtip for Digital Tipping of Tour Guides

Quimbaya Latin America, a Destination Management Company known globally for designing itineraries, providing local expertise, and operating business-to-business travel tours across Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, and Peru, has recently added virtual live streaming and interactive tours through a new partnership with youtip.

Faster than cash, the youtip digital tipping solution enables participating tour operators and travel agents to pay cashless gratuities to tour guides without having to download an app. Not only is this technology helping to maintain the livelihoods of those working in these developing countries, but it is bringing hope that travel and tourism may soon return to pre-COVID-19 levels …


Launch Of The Quimbaya Virtual Tours, A New World As Magical As Ever!

“Since we have not been able to receive you at our place for a year, we have decided to invite us to your place! What are Quimbaya Latin America Virtual Tours?
Our Virtual Tours are interactive, live virtual tours, performed by our local guides on-site, our new way to take you to explore Latin America.

In Mexico City or Antigua, La Paz, Quito or Lima, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, or even Bogota or Cartagena, Quimbaya Latin America is the first Latin American receptive that organizes for you and your clients more than around thirty virtual tours in French.


From Panama and elsewhere: Inspiring Latin America by Claudia Terrade

“Today at the head of Quimbaya, which has 16 agencies located in 11 different countries, Claudia Terrade has found everything in Latin America: her professional path, love, but also an inexhaustible source of wonder and encounters. For COTAL, she tells about her atypical career, talks about her profession and shares her many favorites across the continent, between Aztec pyramids, extraordinary museums and natural paradises still intact.” …


Pandemic leads to creation of new types of tours in Latin America

“We have also seen our members adapting to the new travel climate with Quimbaya Latin America launching a new product collection titled ‘Travel Differently’ designed for travellers looking for more nature, less flights and to be involved with local communities in a responsible way.” …


You can count on us!

TendanceNomad: In Latin America, what are your prospects for
reprise ? Claudia: The prospects for recovery vary from country to country. According to information, all countries will open on the latest August 5th. Airports to start operating between 22th July and September 1st and the only country that will only reopen in October will be Peru. Then each country defined several recovery steps that will depend on the evolution of the health status of each of them…

05/20/2020 Hug Magazine

How Panama Has Taken So Much Place In Her Heart.

Claudia, you chose to self-isolate in your home in Panama City. You told us that you had found a refuge there, a security but also a “favorite” where life is good, but also to meet endearing populations. Tell us about your Panama! (Hug Magazine)

Apart from the clichés, PANAMA is a small country by its size but BIG by the contributions it has made to the American continent and to the whole world.


The important thing is to resist, reorganize and think about the post-crisis.

Interview with Claudia Terrade, CEO of Quimbaya Latin America

Present in 11 Latin American countries, Quimbaya Latin America is facing the crisis linked to the coronavirus epidemic. After the repatriations, the DMC teams manage the postponements and cancellations by negotiating when necessary on a case-by-case basis with the partners. For Claudia Terrade, CEO, the important thing is to resist, reorganize and think about the post-crisis.

04/08/2020 Hug Magazine #36 – Is tourism immortal?

How does a DMC like Quimbaya position itself in this new era, and with what commitments for new tourism?

In 33 years of existence we have experienced several crises but never imagined a crisis of such magnitude. A great challenge presents itself to us.

Sustainability is now a matter of the short and medium term. A daily reflection was essential and each of our employees is called upon to participate in this reflection. Predicting tourism for years to come would be too pretentious, but good ideas are emerging. Rigor and good management will always be the basis of sustainability, but without respecting our working tools, which are the natural and human resources of the countries we visit, our job will no longer make sense.

Everyone must be responsible and sustainable but above all united.

Fair and quality interaction between the various stakeholders will be vital. Without relationships of trust based above all on respect for each other, no tourism business can operate. Social responsibility.


QUIMBAYA LATIN AMERICA: Refill not Landfill Latin America is born !!!

Plastic 0 target by the end of 2020

Globally, plastic has become a scourge on the planet, killing wildlife, clogging the seas and filling landfills for centuries to come. Latin America is no exception to this reality. Quimbaya Latin America is committed to plastic-free tourism and creates the REFILL NOT LANDFILL Latin America network!


QUIMBAYA LATIN AMERICA: Sustainable and Responsible for 32 years

Sustainable Tourism cannot be improvised!

More than ever, committed and faithful to our principles, we want to share with you our vision, our experiences and our Eco Responsible and Solidarity projects and this, on the continent where our receptive tourism company QUIMBAYA LATIN AMERICA works, for 32 years.


Sustainable tourism: Quimbaya Latin America, we must interest our partners to move in the same direction

Interview with Claudia Terrade, CEO of QUIMBAYA LATIN AMERICA

QUIMBAYA LATIN AMERICA has chosen to support the 3rd edition of the Palmes du Tourisme Durable, the ceremony of which will be held on February 26, 2020 at the Quai d’Orsay in Paris. Claudia Terrade, CEO of the tour operator explains why she chose to support the event.