QUIMBAYA TOURS S.A.S with RNT: 4520 promotes sustainable tourism in Colombia, with special emphasis on the preservation of the material and immaterial cultural heritage and in this way contributes to the enrichment and improvement in the quality of life of local populations. Also, Quimbaya Tours S.A.S. takes into account all cultural manifestations and fosters in its clients and target population, the values ​​of respect and care for the country’s cultural heritage.

To that extent, it makes the following recommendations for its clients:

  1. Do not market or promote the sale, traffic or exhibition of archaeological pieces and cultural property, unless you have the respective permits, for the sole and specific case of the exhibition.
  2. Keep in mind that communities are the only ones that will be able to decide on the aspects of their cultural traditions that they wish to share with the visitors and the level of interaction with each one.
  3. Take into account the recommendations of entrance, behavior, permanence, respect and specific conversations of the touristic destinations.


QUIMBAYA TOURS SAS with RNT: 4520 promotes sustainable tourism, with special emphasis on the preservation of the natural heritage, known as geological formations, places and natural landscapes of a territory that have an exceptional universal value from the aesthetic, scientific or environmental fields. According to the above Chico Tours Ltd. makes the following recommendations:

  1. Do not extract species of flora and / or fauna from their natural habitat. This is an environmental crime.
  2. Do not introduce exotic species of fauna and flora. This causes serious alterations in the natural habitat of species of flora and fauna and in their food chains.
  3. Do not feed wild animals directly. Feeding must be controlled and advised by wildlife management experts.
  4. Do not make excessive noises as they can alter the natural environment of the local fauna.
  5. Do not burn or bonfire, as the gases produced can be toxic and cause serious damages to the ecosystems and communities where they are made.
  6. Do not dispose of the solid waste generated improperly.
  7. Take into account the recommendations of entrance, behavior, permanence, respect and specific conservation of these touristic destinations.

QUIMBAYA TOURS S.A.S supports and promotes the campaigns carried out by organizations or entities of national or regional levels, focused on the prevention of species of national flora and fauna and the prevention of illicit trafficking in cultural property.