Laura Ortiz | Quimbaya Asia

I love Asian countries, their culture and way of living. I was born and grew up in Paris but lived in the USA, Colombia, Ecuador and in the UK, then I decided to move to Asia and develop Latin America as a destination for Asians.

First, I have created our office in Singapore and today in Sydney where there is a great interest for travel to Latin America. I have the chance to offer the DMC QUIMBAYA LATIN AMERICA destinations which has a strong experience and knowledge of Latin America. Therefore I can comfort all my clients about the quality of our itineraries and services that they will request on site.

I add to it my passion for these destinations which I know very well. However, Colombia is still my heartland. My parents are Colombian, I grew up loving Latin America and I would like to share my passion with all my clients in Asia and in the world.

To contact Laura : – +(65) 91847726