Announces the cessation of LATAM Argentina, which will stop operating twelve domestic destinations, while flights to the United States, Brazil, Chile and Peru will be resumed by the other subsidiaries of the group.

Since this June, LATAM Airlines is reestablishing some of its routes between Europe and Latin America. The goal is to gradually increase operations over the next two months.

Since the beginning of the month, LATAM has already resumed flights between Frankfurt (Germany) and Sao Paulo (Brazil), with a frequency of twice a week. Since June 15, routes to Sao Paulo from London and Madrid have been added, also with two flights per week.

In July, the frequency of all active European routes will go from two to three flights a week, including the route between Lisbon and Sao Paulo and the route between Madrid and Santiago de Chile, which will be reactivated in the second half of July.

LATAM international flights to and from Sao Paulo have a connection with Santiago de Chile from this June, with Montevideo starting in July. Passengers can thus access the domestic network in Chile and Brazil.

The company expects to reach 18% of its capacity throughout July, reaching 13 international destinations in Europe, Brazil, Chile and Ecuador. The flights that will be operational in these two months will be subject to the travel restrictions that apply in the destinations.

LATAM Airlines Argentina ceases operations

LATAM Airlines Argentina will stop operating twelve domestic destinations while the subsidiary’s four international destinations in the United States, Brazil, Chile and Peru will continue to be operated by the other subsidiaries of the LATAM group once the restrictions imposed by the authorities in the framework of the health emergency.