How does a DMC like Quimbaya position itself in this new era, and with what commitments for new tourism?

In 33 years of existence we have experienced several crises but never imagined a crisis of such magnitude.

A great challenge presents itself to us.

Sustainability is now a matter of the short and medium-term.

A daily reflection was essential and each of our employees is called upon to participate in this reflection.

Predicting tourism for years to come would be too pretentious, but good ideas are emerging.

Rigor and good management will always be the basis of sustainability, but without respecting our working tools, which are the natural and human resources of the countries we visit, our job will no longer make sense.

Everyone must be responsible and sustainable but above all united.

Fair and quality interaction between the various stakeholders will be vital. Without relationships of trust based above all on respect for each other, no tourism business can operate.

Social responsibility will become compulsory and will have to be translated into concrete but above all sustainable and effective actions.

Everyone will know how to make a difference.

The word travel may not have the same meaning today but

as soon as this crisis is over we will all want to take off.

It does not matter what form this desire to move, to meet people and to discover distant places will take, as long as we are there.

Only companies that can adapt and respond to this new meaning of the word travel will survive.

We have embarked on the path of sustainability and responsible tourism for several years. We still have a long way to go but from this crisis, we will have learned with certainty that this is the one and only way to go.

Tourism will be new or it will not be.