Chile: The Coquimbo Region Reveals The Wonders Of The Universe

Countless astronomical observatories and a Mediterranean climate let visitors from around the world catch a unique glimpse of the universe, not to mention taste the region’s grand crus and famous pisco brandy.

The Coquimbo region, also known as “star region”, has extraordinary meteorological conditions, spectacular landscapes and clear nights. This combination is only found in a few parts of the world, and lets visitors see the infinite expanse of the night sky. On top of that, its Mediterranean climate lends itself well to the internationally recognized wine and pisco cultivation.

The valleys in this region are one of a kind: 40% of the world’s infrastructure dedicated to space observation can be found here. There are even amateur observatories that open their doors to travelers looking for a view of the stars, constellations and astronomical events that can only be seen in the southern hemisphere. Take for example the total solar eclipse in Coquimbo on July 2, 2019, which only occurs every 500 years!

Moreover, the territory has a hundred-year-old tradition of producing liqueur. Guided tours are given at many vineyards and pisco distilleries, with an explanation of the distilling process and, of course, tasting!


To make sure that these wonders are appreciated by more and more visitors, the Coquimbo Regional Tourism Chamber has formed partnerships with public entities, such as Corfo, which finance various initiatives, including and the Regional Program for Identity and Gastronomical Development.