Geared towards children and adolescents living in the streets of Mexico City, the Renacimiento – Renaissance foundation has paved the way for social and family rehabilitation since 1997.

Located in the historical center of Mexico, the beneficiaries come voluntarily and could, in the same way, stay in the foundation or leave whenever they wish. Personal contact is fostered generally around social roundups organized by the volunteers throughout the year but also through open access athletic and cultural events which have been a great success.

The primary mission is to help separated children reinte- grate into society, and care is provided in several steps. They could benefit, depending on the case, from housing or hou- sing search assistance, as well as a physical and psychologi- cal medical follow-up. Also, for some of them it could be necessary to assist them with the weaning process.

Renacimiento provides beneficiaries to access or reconnect with the educational system. Also, through certain workshops, they can learn trades that will help them afterwards to inte- grate effectively into society. The panel of specialties provided

has expanded throughout the years, and today many degree- training programs have been offered in the bakery, carpentry, jewelry, or restaurant industries notably.

QUIMBAYA TOURS MEXICO has been a partner of the foundation for many years.

We have contributed to the perpetuation of the structure through various efforts which have provided housing, food, clothing, and school supplies for the young people on track to getting support.

A word from Ivonne Mireless, Country Manager

It is very satisfying for us to be able to collaborate on sustainable projects. We have also taken environ- mental action in plantation work and harvesting in urban gardens in order to raise awareness among the broadest possible public to ecology, notably through the preservation of natural species in our megalopolis.

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