Although it’s one of the smallest countries in Central America, Costa Rica sets itself apart not only for the natural beauty of its territory but especially for its environmental policies in line with the needs of the whole population.

Forerunner and international model in the fight against global warming, the country has set up measures promoting reforestation, protecting its rich biodiversity and going so far as to include in its constitution the right of the citizens to live in a healthy and ecologically balanced country.

Costa Rica is today one of the rare countries to produce 98,7% of its electricity from renewable resources.

In terms of tourism, Costa Rica has also been one of the first countries to talk about sustainable tourism and create a certification label for sustainable tourism. QUIMBAYA TOURS COSTA RICA actively participates in Caño Negro National wildlife refuge projects. Our passengers can observe more than 300 types of different birds, plants, and native animals of exceptional diversity in this natural reserve.

It’s an unforgettable experience, in perfect harmony with nature and within the framework of the preservation of the protected wild areas, considered one of a kind in the world.

A word from Tristan Martin, Country Manager QUIMBAYA TOURS COSTA RICA:

The experience of this small country on a national scale, must be a source of inspiration and commitment for the rest of the world.
At QUIMBAYA LATIN AMERICA, according to this same principle, we exchange and incorporate the initiatives which achieve results in all of our offices but also with our partners in Latin America.