Luz Lozano | Headmistress Quimbaya Peru

Throughout my travels in Europe, I have always been amazed by the impact that Peru produces to travelers. They are conscious of the monumental beauty of my country but moreover, of its cultural significance. Today working with tourism professionals I keep noticing every day how Peru attracts visitors from all over the world. After their first trip, visitors want to come back, and they do come back!

This is the richness of our country! It is a pleasure to advise each client and to organize for them, the best itinerary, the one they are dreaming about. I feel supported in my tasks by all the managers of our agencies QUIMBAYA TOURS in Cusco, Puno and Arequipa who have in-depth knowledge of their regions as well as the other 40 team members in Lima.

To contact Luz : – + (51) 999854965